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Originally Posted by Thunderlizard View Post
........if you're open to relations with them, you're most likely open to relationSHIPs with them. I for one can't be bothered to have sex with someone I don't care at least a little about, so I don't see the difference between, for example, "bisexual" and "biamorous".. if I want to sleep with you, I probably like you, and possibly could love you.. if I like you, it's entirely possible that I might want to sleep with you, and if I love you, that possibility goes up exponentially.
Yea - as you can see here, labels often are just an important part of people trying to understand and define themselves.

Lizard and River's different (but in the end similar) perspectives on the connection between love & sex are probably the biggest divides in perspectives of people on a wide scale.

River sees (the potential) for sex and love to stand alone OR combine.

Lizard still pretty much connects the two, so sees no need for any differentiation.

So to Lizard I would just remind that although that's your personal view, there ARE people out there in the world that ARE comfortable being sexual with the either gender in a particular setting, but are incapable of forming any true bond with one of those genders. And there are those that are capable of forming deep bonds with either gender but incapable of being sexual with one or the other (or both!).

So for those trying to sort out their own sexuality & amorous feelings it gives a method of distinction. And for others who understand these complexities a word speaks volumes.

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