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Originally Posted by Faery View Post
In Europe, where the culture of polyamory has greater sway, the clearest illustration of its continuing advance is seen in its attack on the monogamy culture’s last bastion of effectiveness—homeschooling and home rearing, at least through early childhood (up to age six) and sometimes beyond. In homeschooling, the Big Three programs are, of course, under the control of parents, and, as we know from US data of some depth, they yield outcomes far superior to what state-controlled programs can yield.

I think in Europe home-schooling is seen as something you do if you're a bit alternative... and want to rail against the system in terms of white hetero middle class... not the other way around!
I'm sorry- "continuing advance", "attack", "last bastion"? Are poly people waging a war against monogamy in Europe? If this is your view, then you have validated the argument in this article- that polyamory is a threat to people and their families. As far as I know, monogamy is the norm worldwide and poly is more of a subculture. You make it sound like there are only a few monogamists fiercely holding out in Europe.

On homeschooling- which outcomes are you speaking of?

It has been my experience as an American- even in the heavily Christian midwest that homeschoolers are definitely alternative in their approach to education and are viewed as such by most people.
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