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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Or maybe you are trying to create a judgment zone where people who don'tfit in or agree with your group-think are forced to conform for the sake of comforming to your poly labeling sytstem conspiracy. Why, just last week, a tornado came through my storage unit and the only thing they took was a case of high-protein nutrition bars that i was saving for helter-skelter. As you know, you should be well aware that this will happen as soon as the Republican Entitlement Agenda has been Finalized. At that point, it will be impossible to know whether your Organic Nutrition Protein Bars are Radioactive or simply Carcinogenic in their own right. Many people believe there is no difference. Those who believe there is a difference are often at a loss to explain what it all means in a way that others can easily understand and seamlessly incorporate into their daily routine(s). I am here to speak to that, and other things which may be related to that but not necessarily are, in order so that others such as myself do not have to suffer repeatedly for the same things over and over.

Hope that was helpful and not hurtful or mildly destructive.
I could use a nutrient bar right about now ...
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