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Originally Posted by BeautifulSilence View Post
My question is, is a polyamorous relationship something that we should consider? We both would consider ourselves bisexual. We like being with men, but we love each other very much. The idea of having one or two men in our relationship seems perfect, but I don't know if that's just a fantasy of sorts, or a reality. I'm not even sure what I'[m describing is polyamory lol, but my friend mentioned it, and I thought I would look into it.
Regardless of what you want to call the relationship, the tools, communications, issues, and resolutions that you can learn around the poly community will certainly help you in your journey should you chose it.

It sounds like you have a great prospective partner in your friend, and that you already have the ethical grounding. If you fill a need with each other that's missing in other relationships, then why wouldn't you explore the option of keeping that relationship intact while pursueing other relationships with men? All that would really need to change, is letting the new guy/guys/girls know the situation somewhere ahead of time.

Go for it.
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