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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post

I guess my cautioning is, I'm very glad you have a good relationship with your children, but I'd warn new parents entering poly that, hey, you do this poorly enough, you can seriously f* up your relationship with your partner, your friends, and, yes, even your children.
I don't disagree-
BUT I would point out to you (because I have experience and have seen this too often)
that this is true of ANY relationship style-not just poly.

My Godson is totally my kid and has nothing to do with his parents. BECAUSE they did monogamy and parenting so badly he walked away.

My stepson as well-his parents did divorce so badly and his mom did parenting and monogamy so badly-he walked.

But-a committed, loving parent will ALWAYS make mistakes and children by the nature of being people too, will forgive a mistake. What they can't always forgive is a parent who won't admit to a mistake being made OR one who claims "mistake" and never ACTUALLY changes but keeps repeating the same shitty behavior.
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