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Default you're right Anyanka

I should have just quoted Marcus

Originally Posted by Marcus
....The relevant piece of information for this thread is what we had actually agreed upon. We agreed that neither of us would have any sexual interaction with anyone but one another AND we agree on the fact that sexual interaction is viewed as a holy event....
and said, quit being a punk, or else have the courage to say what you are trying to say

Originally Posted by Marcus
...It is even more of a dick move because everyone knows how freakishly sensitive people are about their sexuality. There is a word which I can't remember for something which cannot be compared to anything else. It is generally used to describe a god assertion, but I would say that it also seems to apply to sexuality....
"....quit being a punk...." or else maybe it would be best if you put the blinders on to my comments, as the guidelines to acceptable things to post can be misleading, I think in general it isn't so much that they be followed to the T, but are in place so that if a topic that makes you uncomfortable get's brought up, it isn't so much you are required to smile and speak through gritted teeth, but rather biting the bullet with a straight forward insult may pass the sensors so long as the topic can be discussed in a productive way.

remaining boyscout civil is pointless if nothing gets resolved, if your saying that you don't like me bringing up God or spirituality, I can completely see how adding that element to an already sensitive topic is no good.

I should have left that out, but maybe you were not referencing an earlier comment, I should have left it at respect for privacy, as that was the gist of what I was saying. That too often there is no ground, nothing in a person's life which people which is deserving of respect, not even a person's choices regarding sex.

And that is something that I feel must be present, and I am sure many people will agree, even though there will be many completely different reasons why, and even conflicting beliefs within those reasons, which is why I should have left it at respect

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