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Question Is polyamory what we're looking for?

Here's a little background on my situation. My best friend of 8 years and I became romantically involved in our Senior year of high school. It was a very random thing, but it lasted steadily for a year. It was the first gay relationship for both of us, but we both knew we were not gay. We had been with boys prior, but we had a connection that became something really great.

So, after a year we decided that we wanted more. So, we split up, and started seeing other people. She has been in 3 short relationships since the split, and I have been in one. Everytime we are seeing someone else, we feel a void. We love each other very much, and we are still sexually involved, and have been the entire time (except while seeing other people).

My question is, is a polyamorous relationship something that we should consider? We both would consider ourselves bisexual. We like being with men, but we love each other very much. The idea of having one or two men in our relationship seems perfect, but I don't know if that's just a fantasy of sorts, or a reality. I'm not even sure what I'[m describing is polyamory lol, but my friend mentioned it, and I thought I would look into it.

If anyone can give me any insight, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
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