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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

I understand that it can be shocking to discover that someone you know very well has done something, in the past, which is against your moral code. However, I think it is valuable to keep things in reasonable perspective and not let yourself surrender entirely to knee-jerk emotion.

Someone who was horny, had a video tape, was not willing to deny himself the pleasure of sex with a new and willing partner, and was not willing to divulge it to his monogamous partner.

My advice? Grow up - talk to him and see what he has to say. Or leave him because you don't trust his word anymore... either way, this irrational hate is not going to help anyone.
I'm really confused by the difference in responses ...a emotional charged guy posts and throw the word and rape and assault around on anonymous forum and ..... hey watch the slander buddy. Trying to improve public discourse and harmony.

AND then here....

This guy broke a commitment to his wife whether you agree or he agrees with that "crazy " agreement pissing in the shower it's a rule. Dick count 1 .
Then he has unprotected sex with not 1 but 2 ....and how many more that he didnt record ...oh yeah we can believe him on that.... why? Thats Super DICK count 2 ...I actually typed cunt there (typo) ...but that works too.

THEN THE super ...SUPER part he fucking tapes it. It's illegal to tape a phone call in most states without a persons knowledge....I'm sure he could get his ass sued for that..if not criminal charges. Count #3 ....he's fucking low life scumbag ...creepy ...I dont give a fuck how you want to paint that..." horny guy with a tape" fucking creepy predator exploiting women.

Grow up..... really. Wake up

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