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Smile Rikki and Bear come of age

Hi there. Our names pretty much blurt themselves out. Hidden in rikki is that she identifies with raccoons. We met four years ago on OKCupid. Rikki was looking for a Dom, I was looking for people to invite to my (then) monthly parties. Rikki was already involved with someone else when we met, but he was not the end all of companions. We saw no reason for her to give up great sex to be with me... OK, maybe that came out wrong, but you get the idea. We agreed to poly from the outset.

Rikki is 42 to my 59. I am simply amazed that she is here with me. She keeps a bear young.

Over the years, we've explored poly relationships with, um, two guys and a woman. Nothing worked out for more than a couple of months. Dunno, maybe I beat them too much.

We have recently slopped over into swinging. It really does not fit well, but we do enjoy the company. Soaking nude with others in a warm pool does not suck. We continue to evolve. I am into like my tenth reading of The Ethical Slut. Lets see, we garden, I do photography and woodworking (cough) and BDSM. We enjoy camping and recently acquired "premium" season passes to Disneyland.

So, we are just your typical, swinging, kinky, earthy, liberal Mousketeers making our way through life.
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