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Default Wasn't expecting this..

Okay, where to girlfriend and I have been back in a relationship for 6 months after a 2 year break. The first time round my "mind set" just wasn't there but we both have very stong feelings for each other and after making me jump though hoops she agreed to give it another try. We are very happy and love to be in each others company. It's been a dream spring and summer.

Then out of the blue she called and asked if it was okay to go out to dinner with a guy she had met during our time apart. I was already aware of him but due to the circumstances, they just couldn't date. It would have been infidelity under tragic circumstances. He had no idea that she was seeing me when he called her. She told him the situation but I told her I was 100% okay with it.

The date went fine and weve laughed and have made some rather sugestive remarks since. Now I have some issues but they may not be what most would this is my first post I will do it now in case it doesn't and I had written a book,lol..
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