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Oh expletives. Do i have so many stories to sell. Stories to TELL i mean. Tee hee. Here is one:

I was at the thing again and i waa hanging out with my new "sweetie", i guess i will use the letter R for short. We were getting ready to go for a walk or something, and there was this couple playing pool and we were talking to them about stuff. I was like "S this and S that, blah blah S and me, etc." and eventually the guy said to me, "i'm confused about the cast of characters. You keep mentioning S..." at which point i interrupted with, "ya, S and i have an open marriage. I'm hanging out with R." The guy was like "oh okay" and i said "yeah i wish more people would ask instead of being confused." i mean what am i supposed to do? Have a bunch of those "awareness" cards made up like parents of children with autism do when they decide to drag their kid with sensory-stimulus issues along for dinner at Hooters? "Hi I'm in an open marriage. Do not feel uncomfortable. My spouse knows about this. Here is their phone number so you can check in case you don't believe me."

Here is another:

Two days before this, there was a dinner, and i sat next to both of them (s & r). Right after dessert was done, this woman came over from another table, she was older and in great shape and had a sort of pushy yet engaging demeanor. And she sits down and says to me something like, "hi i'm H, what is your name? Tell me about yourself. Who are you where do tou come from what do you do what is your deal?" i fielded her curiosities about me rather gracefully, even though i remained a bit reserved out of respect for our hosts and the other guests who weren't interested. Oh forget that. I know everyone must have been paying attention to ME. I'm just that fabulous and/or good looking, i guess. That's just what i've heard from other people. I'm just reporting the facts. Anyway, turns out this H woman was really curious about my personal life, so i wish she would have just said so from the beginning and then i wouldn't have bored her with other shit. The next day i mentioned this to someone and the owner said "oh she's a shrink". He didn't know what KIND of shrink she was, but i'm like "great, i got "shrinks" approaching me at clothing-optional dinner parties wanting to know which one is my "real" date."

That is all i feel like writing at this time.
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