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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Communication is everything to me. I will beat an issue to exhaustion if it brings me closer to the person I love.

For me it isn't a matter of “he doesn't get it". In some cases it is a matter of "it's just not him".

Not everyone has the same approach to communication, emotional attachment and what that means, or the idea of love itself.

When I hear the words "he doesn't know what he is missing, or why wouldn't they want what I have" I simply remember that what's important to me may mean nothing to someone else. They may not even want what I value so where is the positive in repeated attempts to show them the wonder of what "I value". I probably can't see the wonder in what "they value". I accept that.

Like being Canadian and not caring a drop for hockey. To some of my friend's this idea is beyond understanding. We don't debate it..we accept it. That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, it just means we won’t be going to any hockey games together.
as for you Mono, I think we have a case of role reversal! HAHAHA! (although I am not a hockey fan either...)... you do seem to perseverate on various issues *sigh* I realize that it is a matter of being sure I love you and things are okay.... getting through the fear you have sometimes and assuring yourself that our connection is real and ever lasting...

Heehee, can't wait to tease you on this one....

(i love you so much! Things are good! and you will see that we will be connected no matter what! how could we not be at this point....)
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