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Thanks Em for the clear instructions.

Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
Overall, it's not about swapping polyamory for monogamy. It's about deciding which relationship models suit you, which ones you are willing to try and how.
I agree, I had quite the knee jerk reaction the other night and have calmed down considerably. I realize that while I maybe open to mono in the future there is no way I could just break up what I have and generally the polyship is sailing smoothly.

I had a big chat with C yesterday, he even came round to talk this through. He agreed with the comments on here and thinks I should add someone open the existing relationships.

Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
I would add, Stay away from sad-faced mono men who are shocked if you don't want to be exclusive after only three dates.
We are both European, it is very uncommon to date more than one person at a time. I was very surprised when I moved here, so I understand his reaction.

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
This would be a red flag for me. A red flag I could see from space.
We are going to have a sit down chat with the list printed out and I will have a serious think about whether or not I wish to continue.
I am terribly fond of him. He is very supportive of my "activity slut" behavior, we have all kinds of fun stuff planned but, but, but, having the primary couple dictate the terms of my relationship is uncomfortable.

All in all, feeling much calmer and appreciative of the guys and also have a much clearer view of how I need to approach dating in the future.

Thanks to you all for the input.
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