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miss pixi is back from her vacation with my son. They had a great time at the music fest, and I had lots of rest to heal from the sinus infection and enjoy the stomach upset and yeast infection from the antibiotics.

Seems Ginger has a "girlfriend" now! Besides me, besides his wife, besides his somewhat intimate relationship with miss pixi, he now has this new woman on his tail. Let's see, what to call her? Mischa.

She and he have been talking online for months. She first contacted him on okc. She lives about 50 miles away and he hasn't felt motivated to drive that far, despite being invited. However, she works a day or 2 a week closer to him and recently finally went to his place for a 2 hour visit. Unbeknownst to me, things have apparently been intimate enough online that sexy time was in order on the first meeting. He filled me in on his expectations for that mere hours before she was expected to arrive. I didn't know how close they'd become. He told me they sometimes don't talk for a week, but sometimes talk several times a day. I said, please give me more details rather than less. This has been a bit of an unexpected and not entirely welcome surprise.

So, I am feeling that unease that comes with this unknown factor in his/our love life/relationship. They didn't go all the way... I probably shouldn't give too many details just in case she happens across this site or is already here and I don't know it!

They haven't had the safer sex talk yet... today he told me she has invited herself to spend the night next Tuesday!

I haven't seen Ginger in a week because of miss p and my son getting back, and it was both their birthdays, and I had to hear all about their trip, and miss p's visit with her (crazy) family the last 2 days of their trip. Which started out really good and then got majorly fucked up with her brother ranting and trying to hit her and being held back by her dad who was also yelling.

Sigh... interesting week and I'm still weak and recuperating from this damn sinus crud.
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