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Originally Posted by OnTheCusp View Post
With her, the normal "rules" of polyamory (inasmuch as there are rules) don't apply.
It sounds like he already doesn't want this person in his life. The communication is intentionally being eroded and there doesn't appear to be any respect for her (whether or not she is deserving of it).

Personally I wouldn't want to be involved in any of it, this sounds very childish. If he has an issue with her he should tell her instead of playing this game of turning his back on her and hoping she "gets it" and goes away. The fact that you want her to get dumped makes the whole thing even more cruel. This is a perfect example of how adults should *not* deal with each other.

I feel bad for her, even if she is a mooch. Sounds like high school and she is the unpopular kid getting shunned by the pretty girls. Have you tried putting something sticky in her hair?

Originally Posted by OnTheCusp View Post
Every time I see him or talk to him, he tells me about that day's "Cassie drama."
Gossip about each others metamours is a great way for relationships to be broken down. His stresses about her translate into your stresses about her. It's pretty clear that this is already happening as you don't have a relationship with her but it sounds like you have quite a bit of disdain for her.

I am with GG that perhaps you should separate yourself from this negative gossip; for everyones sake.
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