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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
No idea what the requirements will be, as for what would happen, that I can answer.

If either of the guys (or myself as I am bi)
was interested in a poly (or mono)
woman (or man) who was
in (or not) a relationship outside of our circle,
we would all sit down to talk (as usual) and make arrangements to get to know that person.

The bottom line is connection-if we feel that the person can fit into our family dynamic, if we can be friends and we have a common comfort with them and they with us
-it doesn't matter what the "layout" is.
I know that a lot of people have "rules" about what type of form their family takes, but the problem with that (at least in my view) is that you could get the form, by putting a group of jerks together, to have a good family you have to accept the people who "fit" together, not fit people to a design...
I am not speaking in clear terms, I apologize-I'm not sure what terms would clearly say what I mean.
But I'm happy to answer more specific questions if I was TOO confusing!
OK, that seems like something flexible enough to live with. I know there's some people who define poly-fi as being a completely closed circle, so no one can date/have sex with anyone outside of that circle- so it's not just you staying in that circle, everyone you sleep with also has to be in the circle and everyone they sleep with and so on...So, for me, that'd mean having a really inclusive circle, or ending relationships with people who didn't want to do that.

The way you handle it, I'd have no problem with poly-fi. I am generally very selective with new partners, and I like for everyone to know each other, and I like getting other people's opinions before I make any big decisions.
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