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I see that it bugs you and that it isn't fun.

Could make him aware of it bugging you.

A) Could tell him to stop telling you "Cassie drama of the day" because you are uncomfortable hearing it. Because watching him go through all this is painful for you, and is continuing to break Peg, your meta/maybe GF. Could ask him to keep his Cassie crazy to himself.

B) Could ask him if he's considered breaking up with Cassie. Could ask him to make Cassie aware he's dating you. He doesn't have to do it just because YOU say so. But could he be willing to let you know if he's even considered these before?

C) Could stop seeing him. Could stop seeing Peg. Because you don't enjoy participating in this polyship if part of the price of admission here is watching your BF Mike hurt your GF Peg through his indecisiveness about Cassie drama.

D) Could do nothing and wait and see how this unfolds and how that improves/lessens trust between you.

E) Could do something else I can't think of right now or some "mix and match" of choices.

In the end? It's up to you what you are willing to participate in and put up with.


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