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Originally Posted by LadyRin View Post
So I'm on okcupid but I've never really gotten many messages. However a few days ago I got this message from a guy in my area. It went something along the lines of:

Me: Hiya. How are you?
Him: Fine. You?
Me: I'm doing well. Just working on some projects. Whatcha up to?
Him: Listening to music
Me: What's your favorite genre?
Him:rap, R&B etc. etc.
Me: I generally love most music.
Him: So do you have any friends or bi friends interested in guys and do they live around here.

Now let me pause right here. I was kind of angry that he messaged ME looking to see if i had any bi friends or what not. I mean if your going to message me at least be interested in me and not if i have any friends. So me being a bit curious as to his response here is what he said:

Me: Uhhh i do but they don't live around here. ((I have very few friends who are gay/bi/etc.))
Him: that sucks
Me: ((now I'm kinda annoyed)) Well no it doesn't suck. I still keep in touch with them through email and stuff. Why did you want to know if i had any bi friends?
Him: cause i wanted to try something new

I was so irritated by that point i blocked him and deleted the message. I mean i know I'm not stunning or super beautiful but I think I'm pretty. I think he was hoping i had some really hot friends who would sleep with him. *le sigh*

However soon after that creepy/annoying message I got this message from a girl who is super nice. I'm still exchanging messages with her. :3

P.S. I've never been in a relationship so I hope this girl and I hit it off well enough to maybe progress to a relationship.
Just FYI, this guy was looking to have a threesome with you AND your "hot bi friend." It's not that he didn't think you were attractive. It's just that he's a creepy, gross, rude sleazeball who assumed "poly" means you're available to have a threesome with a stranger. Don't take it personally.
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