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Default Scheduling and cohabitation agreement?

Hi everyone, sorry I have been out of the loop a little. I was out of town for my son's birthday. To all of you, I thank again and again. You are making my life so much easier, which I know people say all the time. But I really mean it. As far as I know, this is the only life I get and when someone (you dont even KNOW) makes the most important parts of that life easier, by taking time out of theirs to share thing that are sometimes, hard to type, heavy and life altering moments, again, hope in humanity restored.
Okay, now that I feel like I have hopefully appropriately expressed my gratitude, I find myself asking again, for advice!
So my primary and I are moving in together, (we have a six year old son) and we want to come up with some sort of schedule. I realize this will change, as life, especially with kids, doesnt always fall at the right time on your calendar.
I am moving into the basement, as we both feel it is important for us to maintain separate space. We also want to ensure we get enough time as a family, together as a 'couple' and of course to maintain our other relationships. (well, I am only dating him right now, but he is dating two other people - though I do revel in alone time)
Has anyone created anything like this before? Any tips? I am thinking in really basic terms like: Two Family Nights, Two Together Nights and Two nights to do as we please. The last night of the week can be a toss up, or rotate or something. Too basic you think?
Thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone.
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