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Originally Posted by LadyKismet View Post
I've found that even the people that hurt you, within the shell of what happened, there lies a pearl of wisdom to be gleamed from the encounter. I believe whatever higher powers that be let them intersect your path for you each to learn something that you needed to learn at the time. It's not helpful advice at the moment, because when it hurts, it hurts. It's not something you can put a bandaid on, unfortunately. That kind of hurt just has to run its course. But I promise you, with all my heart, that one day you will look back and see an incredible gift lying in the rubble of this relationship. I hope this is not offensive to you in any way, because it seems almost inappropriate in the face of heart-pain, but does have some wisdom of its own to offer. Also, I'm not up to date yet on what happened, so if I'm way off, I apologize immensely. But a broken heart is a broken heart, and I felt it in your message. Much love, and hugs,

ah, thanks! I am really okay, but am touched that you would be concerned for my poor old heart.... really, I have tons going on and A LOT of love coming from different directions.... I also give a lot back. I am extrememly fortunate and thankful every day for that.

You are right! there is always a pearl of wisdom. For me it was that I really shouldn't jump into sex with people that I haven't developed a friendship with at this point. I think it will work best for me to get to know people first and be pleasantly surprised when something more comes out of it.

I am blessed to have everything I need in my husband and my primary (mono). In addition I have other intimate friends that are good friends and will be around for a long time.... I don't need anymore, just will be happy with what the future holds either way

thanks again everyone.....
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