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FYI-Maca will likely never log in and answer this-he is way too busy.
And, I know you don't care for spouses answering for spouses-but

I thought I would mention. He was nervous about it.
But it has proven itself absolutely arbitrary for us.

GG on the otherhand is like me-maybe because he was only 17 when we met and he spent all of his growing up and maturing years from then to early 30s watching how I raised my kids.

He claims my oldest as his (no biology there). Our youngest is his-but he has never pressed for her to call him daddy. He said it was too confusing and that was cruel-he promoted her calling Maca daddy.

He's VERY VERY close with all of the kids.

Our wills (all 3) are written to give custody to whichever of us three is alive in the case of a death. We run everything in our lives as a trio (except sex) and that totally includes the raising of the children.
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