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Default Been a couple of weeks since the last post

Well we have been busy so I haven't posted like I thought I would here. An update to our life so far. D and I had a nice vacation last week going to a nice quiet part of the state. Left sunday and got back friday of the same week. That gave J and D their friday night together both weeks that they love so much and I am happy to give it to them as they both seem happy to have it. This last week we came back home on friday afternoon and went to a get together with some old friends for a nice evening. J was actually home when we left but was going to visit family for a few hours while we were gone. Got back around 11 and I gathered my things to go to our other house as J was on his way home, we actually passed eachother on the They had a fantastic night together according to D as they had missed some of the previous weekend. I was told they went pretty much stright to bed that night having wonderful sex and sleeping curled up together. They went to breakfast the next morning before J left to see his daughter and son for the day. D was all smiles when I got back and thanked me for a great end to our vacation. Saturday was busy with lawn and gardening that had been neglected for the week while we were gone and by the time J got back we were done for the day. We sat, talked and enjoyed time over a couple of drinks before D and I went to bed for the night. Sunday J's son was there and more things got done around out place. J had to leave for work in the evening instead of the late night/early morning time that he normally leaves in so we said our good byes he is gone for another week. Got a funny thing about the week before on friday though.....J was home on thursday that week and they spent the night together since I was gone for the night on business. I got back friday night and I guess I forgot that it was actually friday due to the trip. Went upstairs to get in bed as I had talked to D the day before and she said she would be in bed when I got back and see me then or in the morning. Since I had lost track I just went up to bed and opened the door to find J and D cuddled up together....kinda not expecting it and stood there for a minute before is friday isn't They looked so peacfull and happy I just closed the door and went back downstairs. We all had a good laugh about it the next day. Just thought I would share. Hope everyone that reads is doing well and I will post again soon.
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