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Default I'm to independant I guess

I live a very independant life and for someone to "Tell" me that I have to see my boyfriend 3/4 nights a week and what nights that will be , unacceptable to me. I will see him if we avalable and if we want to. thats why he is a boyfriend and nothing more.
I don't have an issue getting together with them for dinner but dont tell me I have to go for dinner at ___ resturant on ___ day of very week. FYI I hate the food there and its not my kind of place, but they like it so they can go and have a date night themselves, but she gets her nose out of joint because I don't go. and yes I have asked about other places but she insists on this place.
they like to camp and hike, I don't and it's a big issue that I wont take time off of work to do it with them. How do I make them understand that I am solo for a reason, I like to run my own life and love my independance. they would like a closed "V" and I am not into that. I have another Friends I see and have no intention of giving them up.
It hink you guys are right, time to let go of this one and move on.
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