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Originally Posted by LadyKismet View Post
if you're hurting, we're hurting. If you have an issue, then we have an issue.
I really like this! thanks.... a really good point.

As for you Mark1npt, "I don't get it"....? Seriously I don't. I can't remember harbouring things until later. I am usually the quickest to get over stuff and the quickest to forget. Unless it keeps repeating over and over. Maybe that's just me. I certainly know women that are like that though.

Thanks for all the responses.... I really appreciate all the input.

I ended up writing him an email along the lines of how important it is to me that people in my life show their emotions and communicate because to me it shows courage and is indicative of wanting to work towards better themselves and their relationships with others.

I told him that it would be unlikely that we would ever be intimate again and that I would still consider being his friend if he were to conduct our relationship in a manner that made me feel more respected. Then I laid out how he could do this (I like to tell people exactly what I want to hear, so that I don't have unrealistic expectations that they know... I find that unfair to them. Like it's a set up... they can't read my mind!). I included that he is not to bad mouth the path that I am on, or the people in my life, not to judge my life or those in it and would have to communicate more about what he feels without doing this.

I dunno, when I wrote it, it sounded more soft and I used more "I" statements.... "when you said this, it made me feel.." "I feel like this when I think this..." kinda thing. You get the idea.

I don't expect an answer, but it made me feel better about it all
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