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Default Newbie couple


We are new to the site but not 100% sure if this is where we belong so would like to ask what you think.

Here is our short story.

We have been together almost 14 year and married for 11 and have a very good and stable relationship (incase you was wondering)
We have been on the swinging scene almost 9 year but getting bored of the timewasters, lack of affection, general prats and so on
Myself (Tony) don't swing as just prefer to watch/know Shaz is having fun (I don't get even the slightest bit jealous)

Anyway, Shaz really likes the idea of having a boyfriend or girlfriend but here's the thing, she don't want one full time, just someone to meet with now and then, go out for a drink and fun with and so on.

We have thought about trying to find a lodger that would be interested in a room as we have 2 spare but as we have an 11 year old lad we wouldn't want to risk anything letting a stranger move in.

Are we on the wrong site for this?

Any advise will be much appreciated.

Shaz and Tony :-)
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