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While I'm sorry you now have to deal with "break up ugh" I am glad to hear you decided to end a relationship that wasn't feeding you rather than dragging it out. It wasn't sounding like what you are ultimately seeking and like the return on your investment wasn't up to snuff for you.

You have EVERY right to feel whatever it is you feel. Feelings come and go. They don't have to make sense to you at the time. Like the sense of hearing, seeing, touch, etc? The sense of emotions helps give you feedback about the world around you and let you know when your actions/thoughts are in alignment, help you decide things, and more. Some feelings are yummy to feel, some are yucky to feel -- all of them give you some data about the situation you are in.

So you decided something. Hopefully in time you will start to feel better and come to find that this decision served you well.

The thing is I don't really see myself as being in an either/or mindset, I am open for talking, negotiation and discussion - but trust.respect .. that is fundamental.

He has been trying to contact me in skype but right now, I am not ready to talk .. mainly because I do not know what I would say.
Say nothing. You don't have to be willing to engage in conversation with him right now. Put your own oxygen mask on first and do your own self care post break-up.


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