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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
Is it possible he knows but never brings it up? This seems pretty typical of 1) a 21 year old guy. Another likely situation is that he doesnt know, and doesnt care to know because hes dealing with his own life
Thanks Glow for weighing in on this.
I suspect this is a topic that a lot of polys either are struggling with - or will be at some time. We in fact have almost the identical situation with our own youngest. Our older kids 'know' but don't discuss it.

There's been some big debate going on in the General thread about marginalization of younger people and I think this is a perfect example of where input from both sides of the equation would be welcome & valued.

If you have children who are approaching the age of discussion about lifestyles, sexuality etc, how difficult is this going to be and do you have any plans for how you are going to approach it ?

On the other hand........

If you are in the... say........14-25 age group, how would you deal with the discovery that your parents have been involved in a poly lifestyle ? How would it affect your view, respect etc of them ? How would it impact your own thinking of your own future relationship possibilities ?
Would you even WANT to know ?

I'd love to see this thread take off.............

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