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Originally Posted by jlbrickler View Post
She met him thinking this was going to be a poly relationship from the beginning they met built a foundation and then I found out, as far as she knew I was in the know the whole time. Now that I know months later they feel like everyone has been together for months where as it has been a week for me and only one face to face meeting.
Geesh, that's freaking dark. If I stuck around after someone had been so disgusting (your husband) I'm pretty sure I might have a breakdown about my shoes as well.

Are you really ok with this situation?

Originally Posted by jlbrickler View Post
I have explained it to them and they understand but can i really blame them for it being difficult to pretend that they don't already have a relationship? Logically I understand mentally it is hard.
It isn't unreasonable for them to already have this relationship, because they've been building it on a lie that your husband has been telling both of you for months.

However, that is totally unrelated to how this EGREGIOUS breach in trust might impact your view of your relationship. He was living a double life with BOTH of you... man that's just gross. He must be a pretty talented liar.
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