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Default did you actually read the whole post or skim it

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I'm confused, you told him to not only go on the date anyway but to stay the night? And you are upset because he didn't refuse?

If that's the case then what you are doing is playing games. Again, if I understand what is happening correctly I encourage you to stop doing that immediately. Say what you *actually* mean, not some clever version of it which the people around you need to decipher.

While you shouldn't have any say over his relationship (I'm glad to hear that you don't want to VETO, that shit is incredibly unhealthy) you absolutely should make sure your boundaries are known. For example, the issue with her wanting to get with you and you not being interested... you need to SAY THAT and don't mince words. If you allow that situation to go any further then you only have yourself to blame. Please make sure you speak up.

Now is not the time to practice being passive.
So first off you are a rather cruel person, I don't think you read everything because you seem to be off topic somehow. Maybe that is some of your own personal problems that you are trying to place on my situation.
I am upset that he decided to have sex knowing the way I felt tonight which to me says that his needs are more important than my feelings. Once I found out the plan was for them to have sex (which was not the original plan for the night) I asked that he stay there for the night instead of coming home. I do not disagree with them having a physical relationship just not so soon to me being brought into this relationship. As for your comment about veto it is my choice not to because I like her however the right to influence this relationship is very much mine considering that I am his wife and a much more permanent part of his life.

I was under the impression that this site requested that there be no trolling and it feels very much like your post was a personal attack on me. everyone else has been helpful but I ask that you avoid responding to my posts anymore unless you can do so in a kinder less offensive way

thanks so much for the anger flash tonight it was really not needed.
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