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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
Let me ask you this, when you bowed out tonight, did you tell them to go ahead without you? Or did you confide in them your emotional state? If it is the first example, you can't expect them to read your mind. This is unrealistic and unfair. If you told them you were troubled and they went anyway, then yes, I'd be mad as hell.
To answer your question it was a half and half. I did tell him not her. I thought tho that it was just going to dinner as that was what was going to transpire with me but I now know that it is going to be more which upsets me so I asked that he stay the night at her house instead of coming home. I am not sure I can handle it and recently his mother has moved in with us so I don't want her to start snooping around. I agree it is unreasonable to expect her to know but I thought he understood and would be a little more considerate. The only reason I told him to go was because she was making dinner at her house (too private for me currently which is why I got so scared since she is already asking about kissing me and telling me she misses me when I have only actually met her once) and she cooked and cleaned all day which I felt would be rude and now I want to cock block but I don't want to veto which they both say I have a right to do anytime but I don't think it is the right thing to do

Thank you for the honesty, it is exactly what I need to help figure all this out
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