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Question Almost new and emotionally unstable

Ok so how to I ask a question to start a discussion when I don't really know what I want or need to ask.

I am currently sitting at home while my husband is out with his girlfriend as I am calling it for now (if you need more background read my introduction). She wants to include me and I am not ready for that at all yet and I am not sure I am ready for this. Because this all started as an elaborate lie I feel like they are way ahead of me on this path and I am trying to catch up but can't seem to. One minute I am seeing the positive and I am ready to head down the path, and other times I just start crying silent tears. I feel like I am in competition even though she does nothing to make me feel like this. I just don't know how to catch up and I have talked to them about it and they say that they understand but I feel like if they did why are they out on a date tonight that was supposed to be the three of us until I got depressed over finding something to wear and backed out of going.

Am I reading into to many things and making myself crazy or is this a normal reaction????
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