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How to deal-one step at a time.

My closest "family" aren't blood. But we are very tight. Over 20 years of dedication.
My childrens "uncles" are all chosen family members.
As we have grown up, married, had children of our own the "family" has expanded to include uncles, aunts, cousins, grabdparents. None of whome are blood ties but all of us family in a much more cohesive unit than ANY blood families I have ever met

It IS painful to realize that people you care for are not all you hoped that they would be.

My advise-throw yourself into living an authentic life of your own. You will find that your true "family" will grow and fill in the gaps where you need companionship and support.
Spend some time looking into grieving. Then-work through the grief consciously. Death is the loss we most often speak of. But death isnt the only loss warranting patience and tlc. You HAVE lost your bio family through their unwillingness to love and accept you as you are. Grieve that loss.
But don't fight to keep them. Like a loved one who dies, we need to let go of them in order to move on with our own lives.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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