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I do have the best friends, I am so lucky. I was talking to a dear friend, who is mono, but very interested in me and my life. She also happens to be the person who cuts my hair
I was talking about my break up with C, issues with MrBrown, and feeling down. She said: You need some fun! You just need a nice date or something with someone who's interested in you.
I would never have told her about the dates I have lined up, I always feel a bit weird about talking about that to monogamous friends. But now I answered.. well, yes, I do actually have a date in a couple of days..
And she said: But then I have to do your hair right now! You have to look awesome for that!

I still amazes me when my friends who live very different lives are open minded enough to think with me and for me about my life.

So she cut my hair and I do look better
And yes I'm ready for some nice attention from a nice someone.
early forties, straight.
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