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On the idea of trust and betrayal, a member of this form wrote the following (and if the author reads this, please take credit, because I unfortunately saved only the concept - not the name of the poster who penned it):

what is a trust issue ?, i thought you were X, i wanted to believe you were X, i would not want or accept you to be anything other than X, ... and now i see your Y, you broke my trust! ... ??? WTF people, you've set yourself up to have trust issues because from day one you decided what you wanted the other person to be, it wasn't about accepting who they were, you decided who they were to be and finding out they were not that person you suddenly can't trust them ???

here's on, ... "the truth never hurts, it's the realization of the lies that hurt", ... those people that have trust issues, that's total BS, there's no trust issue, theres a major acceptance issue,

your projecting your wishes onto the other person and when they reach a point where they have to be themselves you blame them because you were not willing to accept them for who they are.
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