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Originally Posted by Ambyer View Post
I think you may be more right than you realize. In the early stages of our relationship (mine and husbands) we were mono and we both said no way to anything else. We felt it would be cheating and that would be grounds for divorce.

Fast forward 20 years, and after raising 3 wonderful children, our priorities have changed and we feel we have more love to offer. We have more time on our hands as well seeing now that the children have grown.

Life is all about reassessing the situation as time goes on and seeing what works and what doesn't.
I absolutely agree. It is not my season right now, and it took me all this time to realise it. I kept trying to make it work when circumstances meant that it had to be another way. Once my children are older, out of the house, or less dependent on me/us, a reassessment may be done. Right now, they need me around. My youngest child just turned one, so I have a ways to go until they are out of the house. My oldest has specifically asked for more family time, which lets me know it was lacking enough for her to miss it and ask for it. If I take on another relationship, somebody's time is going to get cut. If I am gone for an overnight, on a date, or whatever, that is time taken away from my children and my husband. It is hard to have family time without all the people in the family.

As they grow up, our priorities will change, and at that point, I may look at this side of my life again. They say there is a time and place for everything. Well, this is not the time or place in my life. I will put a place holder in the spot for future reference and leave it be.
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