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Default Fold the plane then let it fly

I have a pretty good deal at the moment, in terms of time with lovers. Enough scheduled quality time so that we can mostly be spontaneous. Lovers who are first and foremost friends - with me, and with each other.

The last couple of days have been a good example of this.

Friday - Movie date with Ocean. Went to see a film with him and a couple of friends.

Saturday - lounged around with Ocean. Went for a walk. Made dumplings. Both Grotto and Plinth got in touch at various points, with Ocean and me, saying they wanted to drop by to catch up. Ocean had evening drink plans though (with his g/f, and others) and he ended up having to leave before they got there.

So, without planning to, I found myself hanging with Grotto and Plinth for a few hours at home, by late evening. I just felt like chilling. I could have done with some time alone, but it was all good. Low key. We had some drinks and chatted, ate more dumplings...

I had organised to go dancing with a friend later that night, and the two boys decided to join us. Mmm... Grotto rarely dances with me, but when he does, it's luscious: our bodies pressed in close and slow slidin, like two wet mouths kissing, yummm

Grotto (and probably also Plinth) was keen to end the night with some naughtiness, but he got tired around 2am and headed home. Stayed out another hour with my mate, her partner and Plinth. Then Plinth dropped me home... where Ocean was awake watching movies! The three of us had MORE DUMPLINGS, chatted for a half hour or so, then Plinth rolled off and Ocean and I went to bed.

Today - I had planned to spend the whole day with Grotto (actually it's part of a bet we mutually won/lost) so got up earlyish and made my way over here. He's playing the new Civilisation, while I'm writing this blog, e-mails, etc.

Tomorrow, I take a train back to the city where I work.

Yeah, I love my life.
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