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My mind is beginning to come alive again in so many ways. I'm so excited! I'm shedding the bogged down word poly and accepting that each relationship I have is an entity all it's own. There is no need for any label when there is opportunity to discover each relationship I have with everyone. Poly has created options for me, but it's not the only one. If the shoe fits, wear it and forget about having to wear the coat of a self imposed methodology that just doesn't work for some relationships. I'm so glad I doscovered this for myself before losing my relationship with mono mearly due to my stubborn insistance that I HAVE TO BE POLY. No I don't. I don't have to at all. I can and maybe will with others one day but I don't have to. Yay choice!

Thanks for some of the replies here. I intend to come back and respond to some of them but just haven't had time lately. Happily doing other things. thanks all.
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