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Started marriage counseling to (hopefully) help on feeling more connected, communicating better. She asked some good questions in the second session; actually got into working rather than spending a long time on introductions and getting to know our situation. Feels like a good fit for me at least. DH is not really the therapy type; evaluating a good fit is harder wrt him.

Z - boyfriend? - should be back from a 2 week vacation. We split up a bit before he left, then reconsidered. I don't really know what to call him; that's a big part of the challenge for me in dealing with him. The ambiguity and inconsistency are wearing. I was pretty relaxed while he was away, despite missing him, because I pretty much knew what to expect. Trying to keep the anxiety from creeping up again now, but it is lurking....

Long talk yesterday with a former classmate in a field I'm considering switching into. Exploring it makes me feel good.
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