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From your post:
  • I am romantically attracted to Nata.
  • I want to see her. And this is something I can invite her to.
  • I'm seeing Ramati. I enjoy her company when I see her but I don't crave seeing her. I find her hard to connect to.
  • I think it would be a bad idea to invite them both.
  • I prioritize Nata.
  • I would rather be seen as "with" Nata than Ramati by my friends.


Short Term:
  • Could invite just Nata.
  • Could stop driving yourself crazy thinking all over the map.
  • This is not the only party you will ever have.

Long Term:
  • If you aren't feeling all that for Ramati and just keep her around "to have sex with, to not be 'alone' by myself. and because dumping her makes me a dick" -- you could examine why you feel this way / do this.

    Esp if it prevents you from pursuing Nata in the way you wish. You can be a single polyamorous person, you know.


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