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Originally Posted by TRBG View Post
Why do I have no trouble believing that you actually did a YouTube search for 'TRBG comedian'?

Yes, I posted anonymously. This is an anonymous board. The admins strongly encourage anonymity. I'm sorry you feel that advice delivered in this setting automatically qualifies as an attack.

Bottom line though, the best advice any experienced comic will give you on the artistic level is 'find your own voice.' If that advice offends you I'm not so sure that comedy is the best place for your delicate little soul.

I mean this with all sincerity: good luck with your career. You've got a few learning curves ahead of you but I have no reason to believe you can't work through them.

Last bit of advice: If you are serious about your career ask the club to take that clip down. It's the first thing people see when they search for you. If that isn't your best or even remotely representative of where you are now why would you want bookers to see it?
As I said, I have no problem with anonymity. The tone of this message from you sounds sounds far less assaulting than the first. Since your immediate message following this one indicates you realize I am simply looking for research I'll leave the rest alone aside from saying yes, I agree with your advice here. I'm not looking to make a career in comedy, but if it happens I won't shy away from it either. For now, I'm just trying to have fun with it, make people laugh, and hopefully think a little while their at it (or at least reflect on it later).

FWIW, I have asked the club to take the videos down. The owner is very busy and it often takes several emails to get him to take them down.
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