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Originally Posted by Lyr View Post
But she wants to be friends for now and I can continue to invite her to things.. and see.
Originally Posted by Lyr View Post
I'm not attracted to her romantically. I find her hard to connect to. I would rather be seen as "with" Nata than Ramati by my friends
So you have puppy love for a monogamous girl who is currently in a relationship but who wants to keep you on the hook for possible future use?

And you have a casual fuck buddy who you don't have any feelings for and don't want to introduce to your friends?

I don't see why either of these girls would effect your decision making process. One of them you don't care about in the first place, and the other one has a boyfriend but sounds like she is in favor of cheating on him.
1. Don't invite Ramati because you don't want to introduce her to your friends
2. Don't invite Nata because that's creepy and she needs to work her shit out

1. Invite Ramati because you think she's interesting enough to invite to a party
2. Invite Nata because you are "just friends" and you can ... do whatever it is you plan to do with her
Originally Posted by Lyr View Post
Ramati is indirectly stopping me from seeing Nata.
You are stopping you from inviting Nata. If you want to invite an unavailable girl then invite her. Hopefully she will bring her boyfriend and they will have a good time at the party.

Originally Posted by Lyr View Post
I could drop everything to be open to pursuing Nata. But I've done that before and I just ended up alone. Also I'd feel like a dick.
You are with Ramati because you have a fear of being alone and guilt for taking responsibility for your feelings. These are two very horrible reasons to be in any kind of relationship with anyone.
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