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I find myself thinking a lot about my relationship with Keith lately. I really miss the intimacy we used to have. Things seemed to change a lot in that department a few years ago. It just seemed like his libido just took a nosedive. He just simply wasn't interested in sex any more. That was way before Bob, so its not like he pulled away from me because of that relationship. He wasn't seeing anyone else to my knowledge. We have always been open about that and he would have no reason to hide another relationship. In fact I have encouraged it on occasion.

Regardless of the reason, I miss it. I miss our sex life like it had been a few years ago. And its more than just the sexual act. Its not like I don't get any, me and Bob have an excellent sex life. Nearly every day in fact. And Keith and I do have sex, but its not often, a couple of times a month maybe. But I miss that intimacy with Keith. I miss being close to him and being touched by him. Any time I have ever tried to discuss it with him he just gets angry. It makes me sad. Other than learning to live with the change I haven't found any other way to deal with it.
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