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Default Good news?

I cross-posted this to reddit's /r/polyamory. My date was a redditor. He had his wife create a throwaway to respond to me. Long story short, they came at poly from the swinging/nonmonogamy side. This rule is a remnant of navigating poly from that end of things, apparently.

She says she's open to renegotiating it/cancelling it if everyone agrees, and that she's feeling compersion that I went out with him and liked him so much.

So, that's positive!

In return, I wrote her explaining why vetoes suck for me personally, and what I'm wary about, and the pitfalls these kinds of rules tend to fall into. I also mentioned that it was obviously her relationship and her rules, and that I respected it even if it wouldn't work for me. And that if she wasn't willing to compromise, I could bounce and wouldn't be offended.

So...hopefully it works out?
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