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Thank you for the responses so far.

I think the point about the scarcity mindset is interesting. And, I definitely agree with that. I donít normally feel like there is scarcity of his time. My partner does have another local partner and various casual relationships, so I do still have to share his time on a regular basis. But, maybe hearing her desire for his full attention just flipped the on switch for the scarcity mindset.

My partner likes to say that fairness does not equal equality. I totally agree with that. And in this case, I am fully aware that having equal times with him is not fair. And thatís not my desire anyway. I know I can go two weeks without seeing him. He goes out of town often, and heís been to see her for two weeks while we have been dating. However, I still have an irritation about it. Obviously, thatís going to be the area that I need to continue working on!
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