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Originally Posted by Niesha25 View Post
What exactly do you mean by your quote....(My bounderies, rules and regulations are ever changing but not without purpose...yours should be too!)

The part about your regulations are ever changing.....I know you talking about its going to be a compromise with the bounderies and rules. But ever changing it just sound like a battle... Maybe I'm focusing on those words too much.

So if you can elaborate on that please?
Our boundaries are always changing, because we are all personally growing.
When we first agreed to poly, the rules were... well ridiculously strict.
But they allowed for a Maca to have a month to research Polyamory and get an idea of what on earth it WAS before anything more happened.
Some of those boundaries are still in place, like not having sex with anyone else in his bed, or in his bathroom.
Others, are gone, like not showing affection to GG in front of him, because they aren't pertinent any longer.

One thing we found already is that some boundaries will be/are stricter with a NEW lover and as that person becomes NOT new to us anymore-the boundaries will be more lax.

For example, Maca, GG and I are fluid-bonded. No fluid bonding with another lover allowed.
But if at some point we became a closed quad-we wouldn't insist that the fourth person remain not fluid bonded-that would be silly at that point.

Does that make sense?
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