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Talking Hello, new here =)

Hi, I'm Lyr. Not that that's actually my name, but it'll do well enough here =)

I've found that poly is how I'm happiest and what makes sense to me. I'm here for advice about how to actually do this. I hope I can be of help here too~

Some basics about me:
- I'm 21
- I live in Australia
- I play music and write songs
- I draw
- I'm pansexual, 'femme-romantic'
- I have an androgynous female body and identify as genderqueer.

My preferred pronouns are they/them. I would be very pleased if you used them =)

As far as relationship status goes, I'm seeing one girl casually and interested in another. We'll see how that plays out. In general I'm looking for love.

If you have any questions about terminology I'm happy to answer them, or anything else for that matter. I'm excited to get to know people and learn~



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