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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Dammit ygirl! I knew there must be a reason why I keep meeting younger people more and more! Well SHIT.

Glow-this is true. At 20 I felt SURROUNDED by older people, now at ONLY 34 (ok I added the only for my own self-esteem) I seem to spend a LOT of time around people younger than me!

I hope it's not horrible for them though-as I really really enjoy hearing their stories and talking with them!
after reading ygirls post i realized how dumb my post must have sounded. im not stupid okay. i know its cos im 20.

LovingRadiance, I have always had older people in my life, Ive always connected with them better in some ways.
Im sure it isnt horrible for your friends =) youre great!
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