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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Knowing that you're not specifically referring to me, I did speak pretty plainly in this thread more than once and in other threads about how to address the issue of marginalization.

One doesn't have to feel marginalized to be in the dynamic of marginalization. As I said earlier, most people don't even KNOW when they may be marginalizing others. The only way to break that dynamic is by hard and brutally honest self-examination.

I went into some very specific ways to start that process and it was ignored in this thread by everyone but Raven.

Also, I find it frustrating that people assume we think these issues important because we feel marginalized. I happen to think these issues important because I believe the mechanism of how people marginalize others is a harmful thing to society and to people, so I choose work against it. The hardest work I do is from my place of white privilege, not from feeling marginalized in some poly group for being single. But the dynamic is the same.
Well actually-I have seen you bring it up in a number of places. But I think maybe the way you put it is.........not specific enough for the "uneducated" or less educated (no offense to anyone intended).
One thing I run across A LOT in dealing with teaching people is the need to really personalize it for them, or they just don't "get" it.
When someone is asking about marginalization it helps to take a specific example (marginalization of young polys in the general poly community as an example) and identify HOW the marginalization shows up in THAT instance, how things could be changed to stop or minimize that marginalization and then step to how each individual can work on this within themself.

I think (THINK not sure) that is where the whole point is getting lost.
Some of this is "old hat" for you-as you have studied it and worked on it. But for most people (as you know) it's a "foreign concept". So the things that seem obvious-have to be stated specifically.

In this thread topic specifically-I don't see it happening, and since the thread started, I have been talking to other "young'uns" about it-from 16-38. But none of them feel that way or are aware of it either.
Ok... obviously SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is-but how do I help if I don't know them.

I know how to work on reducing marginalization GENERALLY within my community, using first self-introspection for my own prejudices and preconcieved ideas, educating others around me about the topic, talking with others and helping them see/find their internal prejudices and preconcieved ideas.
In fact I've been doing this SPECIFICALLY in helping 4 people on a daily basis-roughly 10-14 hours of my day every day, for the last three weeks in addition the hours I spend generally teaching the kids in my care-and the topic of how we treat others while OBVIOUSLY not including a word like "marginalization" does certainly IMPACT marginalization for future generations.
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