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Originally Posted by DaJaye74 View Post
I love her so very much. I will give her anything she wants. I have no problem with her having a boyfriend.
I admit to being controlling, and emotionally abusive. However I did not intend to do those things. I was only trying to be with the woman I love. As I said I am in therapy to learn to control my emotions and knee jerk reacrions. To become a better father, a better husband, better friend, and a better person. I love her so very much. I will do anything she wants.
My husband does shit like this. "I will do what ever you want to make you happy..." and then he starts doing REALLY passive aggressive shit, because he really didn't mean what he said. It seriously messes with my head, like he is trying to make me believe I'm going crazy and the worst person in the world. We've been married 21 years and I've only recently started to realize what was going on. Had I realized this earlier in our marriage, I'd have left and never gone back - it is horribly manipulative and it is abusive.

Stop lying to her, yourself and everyone else. Your NOT okay with a bunch of stuff and your NOT willing to give her ANYTHING she wants - you do have limits. There is nothing wrong with this until you start to use it as a way to manipulate her only to play mind games later to even the score. Kudos on getting yourself into therapy and doing what needs to be done to work on your controlling and abusive behaviors. Just remember, you can't work on stuff you refuse to admit.

Originally Posted by DaJaye74 View Post
She told me the other day they were moving in together. Still processing this. She says she doesn't want to live with me anymore.
Sorry, but it sounds like she is moving on. Like others have said, work on improving yourself.
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