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Default Calgary couple seeking advice

Just stumbled on to this forum - I'm glad I did .
I am a 33 yr old female from Calgary Alberta , my husband is 39 , looking for a little advice .
I started speaking with my husband about the idea of dating again . We've never stepped out on one another and I did not want to deceive my partner - what's the point in that ....
I am so very lucky , my husband is very thoughtful and accepting and is excited about the idea - we are very secure in our relationship .

I have wanted to get to know a male friend of ours alot better - for about 3 years I have felt this way . My husband also wants to date .

Our problem is this

How do you date when your already married ?

We feel that if we just tell someone
" Hi , I'm married, I have permission , want to go out ?
Get to know one another ? "
They might just think were crazy , or perverted ! They will probably think were crazy considering they haven't gotten to know us at all . What do you tell the people your interested in dating ?
Do you date someone for a while and then tell them your already married?Do you give them a chance to know you first as friends and let them know later in the relationship that your hoping for more ?
We dont want to mislead anyone but at the same time we want to give them a chance to get to know us before they jump to conclusions or pre conceived notions .
Any advice would be appreciated .
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